Twin Peaks- Down In Heaven

Twin Peaks- Down In Heaven

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Label: Grand Jury

Released 2016

“You’d think that, with David Lynch bringing back the Twin Peaks TV show, maybe Chicago garage rockers TWIN PEAKS would change their name. Nope! The 2014-vintage Band To Watch is coming back this spring, following up their sophomore album Wild Onion with a new one called Down In Heaven, and they’re keeping the name intact. The band has added a member, becoming a five-piece, and they recorded the album live to reel-to-reel tape at a friend’s house in Western Massachusetts. Dinosaur Jr. producer John Agnello mixed the album. First single and album opener ‘Walk To The One You Love’ is a confident and relatively restrained choogler” – Stereogum. “If you’re going to borrow that name, you’ve got to live up to it. Thankfully Chicago garage rockers Twin Peaks do a decent job. On Down In Heaven their sound is less scuzzy and more indebted to 1960s pop like the MAMAS & PAPAS. Groovy and dense guitars keep the pace over bright and memorable melodies” – Norman Records UK.

Track Listing:

  1. Walk To The One You Love 3:33
  2. Wanted You 3:23
  3. My Boys 3:26
  4. Butterfly 3:11 
  5. You Don't 3:22
  6. Cold Lips 3:38
  7. Heavenly Showers 3:02
  8. Keep It Together 2:27
  9. Getting Better 2:43
  10. Holding Roses 2:38
  11. Lolisa 3:26
  12. Stain 3:56
  13. Have You Ever? 3:21