VA- Program: Annihilator

VA- Program: Annihilator

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Label: SST

Released 1986

Track Listing:

  1. Saint Vitus- War Is Our Destiny

  2. Saint Vitus- White Stallions

  3. Saint Vitus- Darkness

  4. Saint Vitus- White Magic/Black Magic

  5. Black Flag- Annihilate This Week

  6. Black Flag- Society's Tease

  7. Black Flag- You're Not Evil

  8. Black Flag- Beat My Head Against The Wall

  9. Black Flag- Thirsty And Miserable

  10. Overkill- Head On

  11. Overkill- Victimized

  12. Overkill- Ladies In Leather

  13. D.C.3- The Locust

  14. D.C.3- The Maniac

  15. D.C.3- We Feel The Sky

  16. SWA- Catacombs

  17. SWA- Sex Doctor

  18. SWA- Sine Cosine X

  19. Würm- Feast

  20. WürmBad Habits