Vine- Forever

Vine- Forever

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Label: Council

Reissued 10/6/2023

30 years in the making. Kalamazoo's Vine existed for a few short years in the early 90's, crafting a refined, DC-inspired sound that would inspire all who were lucky enough to bear witness. Contemporaries of bands like Current, Vine withered before they were properly recognized - even leaving an absolutely brilliant final unreleased recording in their wake. This LP collects all their recorded material and gives a proper accounting of the band. Packaged in a gatefold cover with an 8-page retrospective booklet, Vine is indeed forever.  Heavy weight vinyl.  Brilliant looking.  500 made.  Original Vine 7” came out on Sidekick Records in 1992 which was run by one of the members of Admiral. 

Track listing:

  1. Cocoon
  2. Piano
  3. Jewish Numbers
  4. Jack Red Cloud
  5. Sun Kiss
  6. Without Feeling Ugly
  7. 1I
  8. Sick Boy
  9. Baby Blue
  10. Defending Uniform
  11. Crazy Bitter
  12. Without Feeling Ugly