Xiu Xiu- Air Force
Xiu Xiu- Air Force

Xiu Xiu- Air Force

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Label: Polyvinyl

Released 2006

A feverish and disturbing set of songs, but it's also some of the group's most accessible. His songs play out like bedroom symphonies, bedroom confessions over chimes and gonging bells and industrial beats and buttery guitar leads that slide through the songs like a straight razor opening up skin. Elaborate, ornate, and bubbling over with noise, but with a sense of less-is-more; minimalism over excess. A 35-minute dreamscape of scraping urgency that haunts and disturbs.

Track Listing:

  1. Buzz Saw
  2. Boy Soprano
  3. Hello from Eau Claire
  4. Vulture Piano
  5. PJ in the Streets
  6. Bishop, Ca
  7. Saint Pedro Glue Stick
  8. The Pineapple Vs the Watermelon
  9. Save Me Save Me
  10. The Fox & the Rabbit
  11. Wig Master